Save your Money. Own your Energy. Be Independent.

Our mission at Sea To Sky Solar is to help homeowners and business owners take control of their energy costs and make the shift to solar ownership with confidence.

Solar is no longer just an environmental conversation. Solar is a conversation about decentralization, independence and saving money.


You have a choice.

How will YOU source YOUR energy, and spend YOUR energy dollars in the coming decades?

Information is free. Knowledge could save you thousands.

Our latest local project at 40119 Diamond Head Road in Squamish, BC.
Check it out from the Locavore Patio!

Thank you Niekia and Rob for taking care of my request. We had a GIC sitting in the bank producing taxable income so was checking some other non-risk methods that would provide a return to the life style, and the next thing Niekia was at my door and after retaining hydro information and potential power usage provided an installation quote. The dealings with Hydro and the electrical inspector were out of my hands, the next task of installation took about two days... left the property they way they found it, with the exception my roof which was now protected somewhat buy the solar panels. The reduced hydro bill is very evident.... do a little research, ask a few questions and you potentially will have years of sunny day production. One item that impressed me, was no exposed wires, no batteries with the hydro going directly to the breaker box. My interest was a supplement of power to my own home, not to be a over supplier to the grid. May of this year is going to the maximum productive month of our short history.

- Don Patrick, Squamish BC